Rolling out the red carpet for interstate buyers with TDP's VIP Processing

Prioritize customer experience and let Tekion Digital Processing (TDP) carry the load of interstate transcations

John Brauch

May 16, 2024

Rolling out the red carpet for interstate buyers with TDP's VIP Processing

In automotive retail, where every second is crucial to success, efficiency is paramount. But when it comes to interstate transactions, the process often grinds to a halt, leaving dealers and buyers frustrated. That's where TDP's elite offering, VIP Processing comes in, offering a game-changing solution that streamlines the entire journey, from deal inception to completion.

Empowering dealers with TDP

Before delving into the transformative benefits of VIP Processing, it's essential to understand the backbone of the solution: Tekion Digital Processing (TDP). Whether you are a Tekion Automotive Retail Cloud (ARC) or non-Tekion ARC dealership, TDP is a comprehensive platform designed to empower finance and business offices, enabling them to move swiftly through deals while optimizing efficiency. It provides accurate tax, title, and license calculations for all 50 states and D.C., ensuring compliance and avoiding lender delays. With dynamic forms, document preparation, and submission services, TDP simplifies complex processes and enhances operational efficiency.

Transformative efficiency

Interstate deals have long been a pain point for dealerships for many reasons. In addition to lengthy processing times, paperwork nightmares, and disappearing buyers, dealerships also need to be familiar with rules/regulations/taxes of the states they are selling into. TDP's VIP Processing frees dealers from these challenges, enabling them to prioritize the customer experience.

The VIP difference

Tekion's VIP Processing stands out for its comprehensive approach. From the moment a deal is submitted, the TDP team takes charge, engaging directly with the buyer and guiding them through every step. No more dealership phone tag and confusion—instead, buyers experience seamless, efficient service from start to finish, prioritizing their needs and ensuring satisfaction and repeat business.

A strategic advantage that drives revenue

According to Edmunds, the average distance consumers traveled to purchase a vehicle has more than doubled since 2019, from 52 miles to 115 miles. This means that dealerships are increasingly catering to customers from farther distances, presenting both opportunities and challenges. By embracing VIP Processing, dealers can effectively navigate this trend, ensuring that distance is no longer a barrier to sales success. With TDP's seamless support, dealerships can confidently engage with customers across broader geographic regions, expanding their market presence and driving growth.

Empowering dealership success

In today's competitive automotive retail environment, efficiency is key to success. With TDP's VIP Processing, dealerships can unlock a new level of efficiency and effectiveness in their interstate transactions. By outsourcing the heavy lifting to experts with a sole focus, dealers can do what they do best—build relationships and drive sales.

Interstate transactions no longer have to be a source of anxiety and frustration. TDP's VIP Processing enables dealerships to experience a smoother, more streamlined process that puts the buyer first.

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