Connected Dealership

Seamlessly connect your business with consumers and OEMs by leveling-up your internal tech operations

Connected Digital Displays

Provide relevant, engaging and personalized content to customers. With displays that are connected to your DMS and controlled by you through a Content Management System, you can showcase your specials, build your brand, and keep your customers loyal and captivated.

Welcome Displays

Welcome guests on arrival in the service lane

Service Appointments

Display appointment details and vehicle status updates


Prompt relevant content to customers in the showroom

Service Menus

Promote service menus and recommended product packages

Sales Appointments

Keep customers informed of queues and assigned associates

Customer Lounge

Entertain customers during dwell times with live TV and more

Connected Cloud Network

Turnkey, fully-managed network infrastructure for dealers of all sizes that eliminates the need for another vendor to build, deploy and manage

Optimal operation

Every part of your DMS experience is the best that it can be for your employees and customers with both ARC and Tekion's Network Solutions in place

Infrastructure evaluation and design

Infrastructure is scoped for your specific location(s), not a one-size-fits-all model

Support and monitoring

Security events are monitored and actioned, and your equipment is maintained to be the most up-to-date at all times

Your network belongs to you

We will not lease your network to you or tie it to any software contract

Connected Cloud Phone

Empower your dealership's communications across every department from the sales floor to the service drive and beyond.


Answer business calls and texts, give live video vehicle tours, pull analytics, and gather customer data from your cell phone


Never miss a lead, instantly track missed calls, view reports, and display real-time metrics


Use texting to send service updates and pickup notifications from the dealership’s number


Order custom phone numbers for sales campaigns and use call reports to track campaign performance


Screen calls, check staff availability, and easily route calls to the appropriate department

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