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A seamless retail experience from Brand to Store to Consumer

Revolutionary CRM by Tekion's Automotive Retail Cloud

Automotive Enterprise Cloud creates a unified shopping experience that's truly focused on the consumer, simplifying the buying experience between OEM and retailer.

Digital shopping experience by brand

An immersive online buying experience that seamlessly connects consumers from the brand website directly to local retailers, accommodating complete end-to-end transactions digitally.

Track lifetime household value

Streamline the purchase experience with fewer steps and transparent pricing with an intuitive vehicle configurator that directly matches to dealer inventory and empowers customers to transact online, transition in-store, or a combination of both.

Complete direct-to-consumer retail experience

Provide your consumers a true end-to-end digital retail experience from the OEM or dealership website to real-time purchasing tools that are integrated within the dealership website to enable a seamless buying experience.

Screen showing various tabs and dropdown menus for navigating through features of consumer experience of purchase

Unlock a new online content experience for shoppers with modern digital retail features that ensure your dealership’s website provides customers with the same shopping tools available from your enterprise site.

Vehicle Configurator

Empower consumers to personalize their dream vehicle from start to finish by model, features, package, and price.

Interface that allows consumers to personalize their vehicle and visualize their choices before making a purchase

Provide in-depth vehicle customization to your consumer based off available packages and features, perfect and near-perfect matches by zip code radius, and available inventory by desired payment amount.

Digital Sales Concierge

Experience the first true cloud-based dealer retail hub that seamlessly integrates with all your OEM, dealership, & consumer needs to schedule appointments, act on leads, and finalize initial pricing.

Track lifetime household value

Initialize your dealership's retail-led website to track key lead acquisition, initial payment process transparency, and in-store or remote appointment scheduling for vehicle walkthroughs and pickup.

Financing & Add-ons

Finalize the purchase through our easy-to-use layout that allows consumers to view add-on packages and options to speed up the transaction process.

Various tabs and dropdown menus for navigating through different features of the financing and add-ons features

Customize and construct the perfect add-on package with fully transparent pricing for a seamless and easy product selection based off the consumer’s exact needs.

eSign, Online Payment, & Delivery

Guarantee consumer satisfaction with our secure checkout process built to ensure ease-of-purchase from the comfort of home or in-store.

Tekion interface showing digital options for signing, initialing, or adding text

Allow consumers the flexibility to work with dealers through live online sessions to finalize payment options, make payments directly online or in-person, and schedule an at-home delivery or in-person pickup for their vehicle.