Tekion Digital Processing

Simplifying interstate transactions and streamlining application development with transparency and the most accurate Tax, Title, and License (TT&L) data services


Empower your finance or business office to move quickly to the next deal while your title clerk focuses on in-state transactions. Available for both Tekion Automotive Retail Cloud (ARC) and non-Tekion ARC dealers, Tekion Digital Processing (TDP) offers a revolutionary approach to simplify complex processes and enhance operational efficiency.


Accurate tax, title, and license calculations for all 50 states and D.C.

Comprehensive coverage for in-state/interstate calculations

Address reciprocity issues and avoid lender delays by staying compliant with state rules

Standard Processing

Tekion's standard processing handles document and fee preparation and submission to the state, while you maintain buyer interactions

Dynamic state and deal-specific checklist

Expedited services where available

Expertise of dedicated specialists


Exclusive Tracker platform for TDP customers

Digital deal jacket for uploading documents

Chat feature for streamlined communication

Alert notifications for status changes, new messages, and new attachments

VIP customers can use Tracker to follow along to track status


Dynamically populated state and deal-specific forms

Continuous updates based on real-world transactions for compliance

Comprehensive library of all state-specific forms

VIP Processing

Tekion takes charge of your interstate DMV transaction by working directly with your buyer

Mitigate CSI impact, improve buyer satisfaction, and expedite the end-to-end process

Tekion owns the process through to completion of plate delivery, registration and lien perfection

Reduce transaction time from months to weeks or less

Experience simplified Interstate Processing

API Data Services

Take advantage of the most modern APIs for Tax, Title, and License (TT&L) calculations and seamless transactions across all 50 states, D.C. and Canada. Experience the convenience of self-service tools, offering streamlined navigation and an ever-evolving data repository based on real-world transactions. With Tekion, it's not just about our technology; it's about empowering yours.

Best-in-Class Data

Accurate and continuously updated information

Driven by real-world transactions

Technologically advanced platform

Supported Segments

Passenger cars and commercial trucks

Trailers and RVs

Power sports (snowmobiles, ATVs, motorcycles, mopeds)

Watercraft (motorboats, rowboats, canoes, kayaks)

And more


Empowering you with tools to build on your timeline

Streamlined navigation with an easy-to-use, modern platform design

Ever-evolving data built upon real-world DMV TT&L transactions

Our Technology, Your Platform

Leverage the most modern APIs for TT&L calculations and transactions in all 50 states, D.C. and Canada

Built-in services, including VIN decoding, interstate reciprocity locations, and geo locations

Partner-Centric APIs

Reduce implementation time with partner-centric APIs

Built for developers to complement and enhance your development workflow with familiar API standards

Easy integration through automated tooling that adjusts to your process

Comprehensive API documentation providing a precise "Data Dictionary" for error-free integration

Empower your tech with API Data Services