The David Spisak Show welcomes Andy Wright of Vinart Dealerships

How Vinart has adopted innovative technology to take them where the future is headed

In this episode of The David Spisak Show, you will hear how Andy Wright, Managing Partner of Vinart Dealerships and the Hyundai Dealer Council Vice President, believes that the adoption of a modern technology platform is crucial to the success of today’s retail automotive businesses. Filmed live from the Tekion Innovation Stage at NADA 2023, David and Andy drew a significant crowd.

Andy reveals that although the legacy vendors that were part of his previous tech stack did certain things well, the complex nature of making those solutions all work together was costing his business in terms of efficiency and money.

Removing the expensive and cumbersome traditional DMS provider and moving to the one seamless platform that Tekion offers has allowed dealers to focus on the customer and team member experience more easily; something that Andy is incredibly passionate about.

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